Special Events

If you love horses, yColt Starting Challenge USA Logoou will enjoy watching experienced horse trainers from around the Country gentle, start, and ride unbroke horses in just a few hours – with sessions Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the expo. How is this possible? These horse trainers are not only very talented, but they are using Natural Horsemanship methods. This technique speeds up the process of starting and gentling a horse. Our event is not only to entertain you, but also to educate you about how a horse thinks, operates, and responds to a Horse Trainer’s cues using body language. Watch and listen as each trainer takes a turn explaining what they are doing and why, as they all work their horses at the same time. You will see the unique personalities of not only the horses, but also of the Contestants, and their original concepts to starting colts.

Are you interested in participating??Colt Starting Brian roping metal barrel

We will not only need competitors for this event, but also horses.
Colt Starting Challenge USA will oversee all aspects of the competition including the application process for horses and trainers.

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