Clinic Participation

Clinic Participation

Participants are needed for some clinics. If you would like to participate with a particular clinician and/or offer your horse for a clinician’s use, print and complete the application and send it to our office (email at or fax to 765-655-2117). A photo and/or short video is helpful in the evaluation (and required for some clinicians).


Submit your applications no later than February 1, 2017. ** Application Deadline has been extended to February 7th **

Some things you need to know if you are selected to participate:

  • A pass will be given to you for the day(s) you participate.  If the participant is under the age of 18 two passes will be provided.
  • You are required to stall your horse while at the expo.  Because of the limited parking and general congestion and activity and weather concerns we are firm on this.
  • There will be a $65 fee to participate – this covers your stall and bedding. (do not send this with your application – it will be due once you are confirmed to participate)
  • Arrival and departure times are restricted – again primarily due to congestion and parking. Those details and times will be confirmed with you if you are selected.
  • Selections will not be made until early to mid-February.

Please keep in mind the expo is a very different setting from regular horse shows. The environment is more active, the crowds can be unsettling and warm-up time is very limited.  Please keep in mind when applying to participate your horse should be able to be stalled at the minimum for a day and should not only fill the needs outlined below, but be able to handle the environment and not create additional challenges in the clinic because they cannot handle the environment.

Participants are needed for the following:

Jec Ballou – if you are interested in participating with Jec, follow this link to a separate application.  jec-ballou-clinic-applicant-info

Peggy Cummings – Peggy needs 2 intermediate level riders: 1 Western Rider and 1 Dressage Rider with horses who can do lateral work to participate on both Friday and Saturday.

Van Hargis

  • Friday – Ranch Versatility, Ranch Riding – Need 3-4 riders able to walk, trot and canter under control. Young horses are welcome.
  • Saturday – Creating a Winning Attitude in you & Your Horse, 4 Questions for Success – 2-3 problem horses with a behavioral or habit problem.  Handlers/Riders will participate.
  • Sunday – Ranch Versatility – Ranch Cutting, Starting Your Horse on Cattle – 3-4 riders, can accept a young or novice horse as long as it can remain under control at walk trot and canter.

Ken McNabb –

  • Friday – Whoa Means Whoa – need a horse with stopping issues. Could also be a horse that charges and doesn’t relax.
  • Friday & Saturday – Colt Starting – Need a 2-5 year old horse with a good foundation that is ready for the first ride.  Horse should be at least 15h as Ken is a tall person.
  • Saturday – Overcoming Obstacles on the Trail – Looking for a horse that has issues with obstacles commonly encountered while trail riding or working on the ranch.