Clinic Participation

Clinic ParticipationParticipants are needed for some clinics. If you would like to participate with a particular clinician and/or offer your horse for a clinician’s use, print and complete the application and send it to our office (email at or fax to 765-655-2117). A photo and/or short video is helpful in the evaluation (and required for some clinicians).

Clinic Participant Application (print and email to our office)

Please apply for the session or sessions specifically that interest you. Thank you.

Some things you need to know if you are selected to participate:

  • A pass will be given to you for the day(s) you participate.  If the participant is under the age of 18 two passes will be provided.
  • You are required to stall your horse while at the expo.  Because of the limited parking and general congestion and activity and weather concerns we are firm on this.
  • There will be a $65 fee to participate – this covers your stall. (do not send this with your application – it will be due once you are confirmed to participate)  Fee does not apply if you are participating in a breed or stallion demo with the same horse you will use in the clinic.
  • Arrival and departure times are restricted – again primarily due to congestion and parking. Those details and times will be confirmed with you if you are selected.
  • Selections will not be made until early to mid-February.  All applicants will be notified of their acceptance status.

Please keep in mind the expo is a very different setting from regular horse shows. The environment is more active, the crowds can be unsettling and warm-up time is very limited.  Please keep in mind when applying to participate your horse should be able to be stalled at the minimum for a day and should not only fill the needs outlined below, but be able to handle the environment and not create additional challenges in the clinic because they cannot handle the environment.

Needs for Clinic Participants:

Chris Cox

  • Friday “Groundwork In Preparation for Riding” – 2 horses needed – something pushy on the ground, walks over the owner, ignores personal space. Rescue horses can be good candidates for this session.  Horse only needs a halter and lead for this session.
  • Friday “Is It Me or My Horse?” – 2-3 intermediate riders needed – someone struggling with a problem.  Could be a body control issue, behavioral issue or any basic problem such as struggling with advanced maneuvers, leg yielding, etc… – NO Greenbroke horses and NO bucking issues (time is too short to adequately address these issues).  Riders must be able to walk, trot and canter on a relatively loose rein.
  • Saturday “Finding Softness Through the Reins, Feed & Seat” – 2-3 intermediate riders (no beginners). Any discipline/breed welcome.  Perfect session for riders struggling with their seat/balance.  Riders must be able to walk, trot and canter on a relatively loose rein.
  • Saturday “Building the Rider’s Confidence” – 2 riders – perfect for the rider that has had a traumatic or terrifying experience and is working to rebuild their confidence.  *in the video for this application, please show the rider on their horse and describe where they are specifically lacking in confidence – must use your regular mount for your session.  Update 2/13/20 – While the application deadline has officially passed, we are still looking for riders to fill this session.
  • Sunday “How to Control Head Tossing & Stiffness” – 2 riders. Perfect session for the horse continually slinging/tossing their head or rooting at the bit.  A horse that needs to be ridden in a tie down or any other head restricting device is good.  Bring the gear your normally ride in for this session – do not change anything for the expo.  Must be able to walk, trot & canter on a relatively loose rein.  Update 2/13/20 – While the application deadline has officially passed, we are still looking for riders to fill this session.

Julie Goodnight – Julie’s riders have been selected

  • Friday “The Natural Ride” (session focuses on Balance & Rhythm in the Saddle as well as how to cue effectively & have better control) – Need 2-4 riders, both English and Western.  Any level rider (beginner, intermediate, advanced) welcome.  Must be able to walk, trot and canter.
  • Saturday “Riding ‘Til You’re 90” (many people 50 & over are coming back to horse sports after decades away, or are just getting started with horses.  This session focuses on issues important to this age group).  Need 2-4 riders, age 50 or over.  Can be English or Western.  Pleas share your story in your application – are you new, returning, competing, trail riding?
  • Sunday “Master the Canter, Troubleshooting Leads & Lead Changes” (Learn how to analyze your horse’s lead problem, plus a series of exercises to help train your horse how to pick up the correct lead with every cue.  Then advance to lead changes – how to cue for the simple and flying lead changes.) Need 1-2 horses who won’t take a particular lead, or are inconsistent taking leads.

Peggy Cummings

  • Friday “Exercises for Creating Evenness” – need 1 rider in need of help with issues such as ‘my horse has trouble bending, turning or taking a lead in a particular direction, won’t stay on the rail, etc..’ – can be English or Western.
  • Saturday “Getting Our Horses Off the Forehand” – need 1 rider with a horse heavy on the forehand when ridden – can be English or Western.
  • Sunday “How to Invite Horses to Be More Responsive to Our Cues & Aids” – need 1 rider in need of help getting their horse to listen/respond better to their cues/aids. Can be English or Western.

Muffy Seaton – Muffy’s participants have been selected

  • Friday “Harnessing 101” – (this will be a good how-to session to cover all the important details for Harnessing) need one participant /demo horse.  Need to bring harness, vehicle and a header.
  • Saturday “Longlining the Driving Horse, Including Lateral Work” – need 4-5 participants for this session.  You will need to have harness, open bridle, long lines and a driving whip.  ** The same participants from this session will drive in the Sunday Clinic. **
  • Sunday “Perfecting the Bend in the Driving Horse” – the same 4-6 participants from the Saturday session will come in with their carriages in this session.

Rod Petersen“Drill Team Fundamentals for Everyone From Beginners to Seasoned Professionals”

  • Friday only – need 4-6 Riders interested in developing/honing drill team skills.  NO green horses, and Riders should be confident in the saddle.  (Your session will begin in the classroom, then you will mount and continue in the arena.)

Janet ‘Dolly’ Hannon – to apply to ride with Dolly click here 

  • Friday: “Musical Freestyle Scoring & Evaluation” – need2-3 horses with confirmed Freestyles 2nd Level to FEI
  • Saturday: “Cross Training for Dressage Horses – Using Poles/Cavalletti to Improve Gait Quality” – need 3 riders First to FEI level.
  • Sunday: “Importance of Equitation and Effective Riding” – need 3 riders First to FEI