Breed Showcase

Breed Showcase

Variety is the spice of life, and you won’t find anything spicier than the huge variety of equine breeds in the Northwest, and the sports and disciplines in which they participate!  From elegant and sleek Warmbloods to hardy and historic Mustangs, and breeds from all over the world – the Northwest Horse Fair & Expo is the place to showcase your favorite breed and also to mingle with others and learn about their favorite breed.

The purpose of the Breed Showcase is to showcase the many breeds of equine to both horse owners and equine enthusiasts. These fine representatives will be stalled in a designated Breed Showcase area. Participants in this area will be promoting their breed and/or discipline in short exhibitions in one of the main arenas. All horses attending the event must participate in the demonstration. This area and it’s corresponding demonstrations serve as an opportunity to educate the attendees, in an entertaining manner, about the various breeds that comprise the equine world.

Breed/Discipline Showcase information and application will be available later this summer for the 2020 event.  To make sure you receive a packet, please email our office with your information and watch for a link to be posted on this page.

For additional information on the Breed/Discipline Showcase select the link below or email our office at .

 Groups Participating in 2019

Andalusians & Lusitanos
Canadian Horse Heritage & Preservation Society

Cascade Icelandic Horse Club
Highland Pony Enthusiasts Club of America
Hypoallergenic Curly Horses
Kiger Mesteno Association
Northwest Gaited Horse Association
Northwest Peruvian Horse Association
Oregon Fox Trotter Club
Oregon Gypsy Horse Association  – Gypsy Cob
Oregon Gypsy Horse Association – Mini Gypsy Cob
Pacific Wild Horse Club
Small Drafts: Fell Pony, Dales Pony & Gypsy Pony
US Wild Horse & Burro Association