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NW Rodear Style Ranch Rodeo ~ Expo Invitational
Team Branding, Team Doctoring, Alley Sorting & Trailer Loading
Presented by MJ Rising H Ranch and Olson Training

Increasing in popularity, Rodear Style Ranch Rodeos simulate the cattle handling techniques used by cowboy crews working cattle in areas where there are no corrals available. Riders will position themselves around the herd or “Rodear”, like a fence. They then take turns going into the Rodear to perform tasks such as branding, sorting pairs, doctoring, and weaning calves. Among the men on these crews the ones with the best horsemanship, roping, and stockman ship skills are held in high respect.

The NW Rodear Style Ranch Rodeo consists of 5 select teams of working cowboys/cowgirls competing against one another in events similar to the tasks they face every day such as trailer loading, branding, roping, and tying, as well as groundwork and horsemanship skills.
Teams will be competing against each other in four events; Trailer loading, Team Branding, Team Doctoring, and Alley Sorting. In addition to being a timed event, teams will receive time deduction bonus points based on their roping style, horsemanship and stockmanship. Any teams throwing and catching fancy loops will receive these bonus points. Teams will be encouraged to go about the tasks as if they were at home working on the ranch.

Audiences will get the chance to participate as well! Learn educational tidbits on the preservation of ranching heritage and the lifestyle of the working ranch cowboy/cowgirl, hear each ranch team bio’s, get play-by-play judging explanations, win free drawings, show ranch team spirit and Q&A.



XADDockStarVinyl(Large)2014X-Treme AirDogs TM Northwest Challenge

Come see dogs of all breeds and sizes compete to become the top dog in five separate distance divisions, ranging from novice dogs jumping under 10 feet to the elite X-Treme Pros who can fly over 25 feet! You will see crazy canines leaping for distance, height, and speed in three different sports and even get a chance to meet our 2014 Cosequin Collegiate Cup champions! The weekend will end with a bang on Sunday, when the best of the best will duke it out for the ultimate bragging rights, and the trophies! Be sure to stop by, you don’t want to miss X-Treme AirDogs, the most exciting thing on four legs…..

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